The Pokémon Conservation Patch


The regions of this world are teeming with diverse Pokémon, and now is your chance to help conserve them! Pokémon trainers and planet protectors unite for this limited edition, custom-embroidered apparel item in collaboration with @The_Pokemon_Conservationist on Instagram.

Show your love for Pokémon and the planet with this cause-driven apparel. Each purchase of this design supports real-world conservation efforts. A portion of every sale will be directed to The Nature Conservancy and its efforts to protect and restore wildlife and their habitats. Catch, conserve, and join us in making a difference, one shirt at a time!

Art credit goes to the amazing artist @Pkmn_Professor_Case on Instagram, go follow her and check out her work!

Patch size: 3 x 3.25
Patches come with iron-on backing attached to them